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Howrse riding level 6

Here you can find riding level 6 answers and all what you need to know for howrse cheats on virtual breeding game and become the best breeder:
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Riding level 6Riding Level 6 is difficult.The questions become increasingly complex. If you pass this test, you will win a horn of plenty.


  • 60 days registered on Howrse
  • 80 % right answers

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Riding level 6 answers


- Where did fox hunting originate?
United Kingdom

- Who was the first equestrian to be inducted to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame?
J. Michael Plumb

- What riding discipline is most popular in the United States?

- What type of riding competition is the historic Sante Fe Trail?

- What breeds of horses are represented by the acronym PRE?

- Which Olympic Three Day Event team won the gold in the 2000 Sydney Three Day Event?

- The Peruvian Paso is famous for

- Which famous show jumper now has a line of English saddles?
Rodrigo Pessoa

- What is a Charro?

- Which kind of riding demands perfection riding in an upright position with a strong curvature of the haunches, regularity, skill and finesse in all of the natural gaits in dressage?

- What rider, atop the horse Salinero, claimed gold in the 2004 Olympics for Individual Dressage?

- What nomadic people were meticulous in the careful, planned breeding of fine horses to gain desirable traits?
The Bedouins

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