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Howrse cheats

Here you can find all what you need to know for howrse cheats on virtual breeding game and become the best breeder:
easy money, promo codes, bonus, passes, equus, ranking, cheats, tricks

The glitch of the month !

When the game is in maintenance mode, ie: shut down for service. If you click on the ranking tab and then on the display my stats tab. You have access to the main menu tabs. Now you can click on "My Account" and access your account while the site is down. I use this time to send congratulations.

Promo codes: MG saddle This will give you 1 MG saddle

To enter this code go to "My Passes."
Scroll down and you will see a small text box where you can enter code

Getting Passes and EquusNew Breeders (less than 2 Karma): Do not use Black Market items on your first horse, because it will have low GP and skills. Save Equus and Passes and wait until you can access the Private Sales. Sell dung and extra apples. Train your horses as much as possible.

Average Breeders (3 to 5 Karma): You can now access Private Sales. Use the Passes and Equus you have saved and buy the top GP best mare and/or stallion available. Breed with the highest GP studs using only 100 BLUP parents, and always breed with tears. Sell your foals for Equus and Passes. Train your mares and studs to 100 BLUP fully bolded skills and sell them for Passes and Equus.

Older Breeders (over 5 Karma): You should have a few Passes and lots of Equus to use. Get a breeding partner to make things easier. Decide on a breed. Concentrate on breeding the top GP and skills for that breed. Use only 100 BLUP parents and tears when breeding. Either sell foals for 1 to 5 Passes or train and skill them as mares or studs for 3 to 10 Passes and Equus.

Easy moneyDo the following with your horses every day.
Have two lessons.
Train it as much as possible.
Stay in the meadow until 20:00.
If its energy goes below 20%, use a Turnip.
This technique gets you easy money cuz you keep your full paycheck and because the horse is doing lessons and getting paid it pays for its food and then some!

 howrse secret page N.1
 howrse secret page N.2
 howrse secret page N.3

How to get gifts Different levels (objectives) give you different things.

There are UFO that give you things.
You need to visit a lot of pages during the day, to see more UFO.
When you click on an UFO, you get a gift.

How to get passes Have a horse of really old age (past 30) die that gives you a pass, if you send it to the paradise.

After your 50th day one Howrse , you can get a pass with 20 % of your reserve every 30 days.

Making money You can earn money in several ways:
* with the lessons: your horse is then paid a certain amount of money which depends on your equestrian center,
* by being employed in an equestrian center. You will be paid your salary every day from the time you are connected and have looked after at least one horse the day before,
* by winning competitions with your horses,
* by offering coverings if you have stallions,
* by selling a horse from your stable in the auctions, private sales or in Safe Haven,
* by selling the manure produced by your horses,
* by selling back items from your stock to Mr. Hubert in the breeders's store. You can only therefore sell the equipment that you haven't taken into the saddlery,
* you can credit your breeder's reserve with a pass; you will then earn 100 + registration time multiplied by 5 up to a maximum of 1500 equus per pass.

Making money Get a real high GP mare or filly (pass) / colt or stud (equus),
and get them to 100 BLUP at the age of 10.

Offer coverings or get covered and sell the foal for 1 pass,
that'll get you started.

Lessons every day and pastures instead of feeding box will earn you equus daily

Sell the horses for pass or eq when there round 17.



How to get karma points When you start your game, you choose a sponsor.
During the game, when that person reaches their 8th riding level, you will be given 1 free karma point.

Easy money Aging points come easily, about 2 or 3 a day, if you visit all of your horses.
These can be sold at the market for 150 equus!.

Easy money Go to the sales, and buy a lot of cheap horses : 500 equus.
Sell them back to the auction for at least 800 equus, and to the private sales for 900 equus.

Easy money Get a job after passing riding level 1 then get on daily when you get hired somewhere and whenever you get on and take care of a horse it pays you

Easy money Go to the sales, and buy a lot of cheap horses : 500 equus.
Sell them back to the auction for at least 800 equus, and to the private sales for 900 equus.

Promo codes: Free Nyx Pack Enter in the Passes tab where it says "Your Code":
This gives you a free Nyx Pack.

How to get Black Market items - The gift system (must be registered 10 days with 0+ karma)
- Objectives
- Catching a UFO (objects fly around the screen if you're very lucky)
- Finding them inside a Horn of Plenty

How to get Passes - Buying passes - go to the 'profile' tab and click the 'passes' button. You can buy them through PayPal, SMS messages, and phone calls.
- Selling good horses for passes via private sales
- Buying them out of 20% of your reserve (howrse money) after 50 days on Howrse
- Reaching special goals and dates.
- Pass seeds - the seeds are vary rare and cost a lot. They are advertised in the forums when available and can be purchased from the EC shop.

How to get Aging Points - Complete objectives
- Catch a UFO
- Buy them in the shop for 300 equus each. You can buy 5 at one time.
- Buy 10 points with 1 pass
- Open a Horn of Plenty, which may give you other stuff as well, such as apple, turnips, money and maybe a special bonus gift. Like a golden apple or a piece of cloud.
- Another player can send you one as a gift after you have reached 10 days seniority and have positive karma.
- Archimedes - go to the horse directory. Search for a horse named archimedes, he should be at the bottom of the page (brown horse, green blanket, green scholars cap) go to the horses page, above his picture will be a multiple choice question, answer it correctly and you get a free aging point. This can be done once a day.

How to get Karma points - a karma point is given to you for free every 30 days' membership
- a karma point is given to you for free every 10 passes bought (on the 1st, 11th, 21st, etc.)
- you earn a karma point each time 5 people you have sponsored obtain their first karma point.

Making money 1. Sell your horse manure
2. Get a job
3. Sell one of your horses at the auction
(unless you only have one)
4. Sell turnips

Where are the secret pages N.1 - When you are ready to validate objective N°45,
click on this link:
N.2 - When you are ready to validate objective N°73,
click on this link:
N3 - When you are ready to validate objective N°100,
click on this link:

How to make a multi account / multiple account 1. Hide your IP behind a proxy, when you get connected
2. Delete all your cookies
3. Create an email on (easy and quick)
(unless you have already a second one)
4. Make a new account on howrse
5. Don't put your multi account as a friend, in your friendlist
6. Don't post on forums with your multi account

How to win free passes

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